Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship – AWJ Issue IV

Promoting Economic Empowerment of Women and Entrepreneurship as a Pathway for Fighting Poverty in Africa

How have African women benefited from the various trade agreements that their governments sign?

In this issue we share with you articles relating to the theme which are drawn from different parts of Africa.

In 2011 FEMNET undertook a study to assess how African women have benefited from the various trade agreements that their governments sign. We share with you the findings of this research. We also share with you research findings of a study undertaken by the East African Chamber of Commerce to assess the visibility of women entrepreneurs in the East African Community integration process.

The Journal is packed with informative and thought provoking articles. Enjoy reading them.

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Equal Opportunities in Accessing Education & Training – AWJ Issue III

Promoting Equal Opportunities for Women’s Access to Education and Training in Africa.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

This issue of the African Women’s Journal for July-December 2011 focuses on the theme: Promoting Equal Opportunities for Women’s Access to Education and Training in Africa. The articles highlight some strategies being used to attain equal access to education and training in some African countries. It highlights untold stories in the African continent, giving unique examples of literacy programmes and innovations that are transforming the lives of women, their families, communities and societies through education.

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Specific Needs & Health Challenges – AWJ Issue II

Unpacking Women’s Specific Needs & Health Challenges in Africa during the African Women’s Decade (2010-2020)

In this issue, different contributors share examples of how various African governments and leaders at different levels have taken innovative steps to address some of the persistent concerns in relation to women and health. The “Call to Action” is on “the time for words and declarations is long gone. The Commitments are well known. It is time for action and sustainable results that we are aiming to achieve throughout the Decade.”

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